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Mana’s grounding as an artist has a lot to do with her roles of producer and production/artist manager. Her hands-on experience and involvement at prestigious venues and festivals behind the scenes as well managing artists for collaborations and tours has given her the technical expertise and wherewithal to complement her role as a performer. 

Mana has produced varying types of performances, having recently collaborated with REDCAT (Dada Divas, an opera by Jacqueline Bobak). In addition to her work at the REDCAT, she has produced works for the international musical festival, Jodhpur RIFF in Rajasthan, India as the manager to the collaborative projects that take place between international and Rajasthani folk musicians. She has also worked with Earthsync as a writer for IOMMA (Indian Ocean Music Market) and with Gatecrash Entertainment managing International tours across India.

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